About Us

What is Speed and Kulture? Who are we? We were established with one goal in mind… To become a platform on which Americana can be Immortalized. That concept became our slogan, our anthem, our marching orders… “Immortalize Americana”.  

To us, “Speed” represents all the car content we capture. Focusing on the nuts and bolts for our gearheads. The “Kulture” represents the rest of that history. The emotional and obtainable history of Americana.

It was apparent that we couldn’t become fixated on a single era. A single style. A single type of story. That realization set the tone for us to embrace the imagination of America’s car culture from onset through the 70’s.

With such a wide timeline, we wanted our readers to be given as much content as possible in a unique layout. We separate each issue into two sides, two eras. One side entirely dedicated to pre-1960’s while the other showcases the culture of the 60’s and 70’s. This allows us to present two covers per issue so our readers have a representation of whichever era speaks most to them.

We were inspired by the concept of museums preserving history, so we wanted to emulate that in our own way. When our readers hold our magazine, they are holding a physical embodiment of the history of this culture. To us, this intimacy can only be achieved through physical media.

Our goal is to be seen as a historical society of sorts. An organization worthy of contribution that will help us keep on with this preservation of Americana. We strive to capture the lives, the stories, and the emotion behind the cars we showcase.  

With this ideology, we could not forget those who were the forefathers of hot-rodding, our Veterans. Every issue contains homage to past and current service members from every branch of the military as a thank you for all the sacrifice.

We recognize there is a race against time. With every passing moment, more sand falls in the hourglass of those men and women who made this culture possible. We are racing the sand to capture the stories of those trailblazers before they are lost to time.

Speed and Kulture.
Immortalizing Americana. One story at a time.